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Start and stop DSS on AWS

Start and stop DSS on AWS

Hi team dataiku,

I have DSS (free edition) running on a AWS EC2 instance. I would like to connect it with these instructions to an EMR instance but I can't stop DSS with ./bin/dss stop, even with the root account. I get this message :

*** dss: running DSS under superuser account is not supported.

How can I fix this problem ? 


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Community Manager
Community Manager

You should run this command (./bin/dss stop) with the user running Dataiku DSS, ie. dataiku if you use the Dataiku AMI image. (More details about this image on this page:
Jeremy, Product Manager at Dataiku
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Hi Grégoire,

I see two potential issues heire :

- In order to restart your DSS when you are root you need to log in as 'dataiku' (sudo su - dataiku ) before running commands. You can also restart the service (service dataiku stop ;service dataiku start) as root (or run sudo ) .

- My understanding is that you are running a community edition and the CE license doesn't include Hadoop support.

You can run with the enterprise trial license for 15 day if this is a short term trial.

Kind regards,
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Hello Jeremy and Joel,

Indeed, any attempt to connect with the dataiku user directly fails. sudo su - dataiku  works well. I activated my 15 days trial to set up hadoop on dataiku.

Thank you for your answers.

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