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R integration fails on OSX

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R integration fails on OSX

Similar to another question from over a year ago...

Installation fails on

In install.packages(pkg, repos = repos, contriburl = ) :

  installation of package ‘rzmq’ had non-zero exit status

Execution halted

However to the previous response that points you here:

So I manually installed IRkernel but now installs an IRkernel depends on alternate zmq library... pbdZMQ.  So it still fails...

See my installed packages below.

> ip <-[,c(1,3:4)])

> rownames(ip) <- NULL

> ip <- ip[$Priority),1:2,drop=FALSE]

> print(ip, row.names=FALSE)

    Package  Version

 assertthat      0.1

         BH 1.60.0-2

      chron   2.3-47

     crayon    1.3.2

       curl      2.1

 data.table    1.9.6

        DBI    0.5-1

   devtools   1.12.0

     digest   0.6.10

      dplyr    0.5.0

   evaluate      0.9

      git2r   0.15.0

       httr    1.2.1

  IRdisplay    0.4.4

   IRkernel      0.7

   jsonlite      1.1

   lazyeval    0.2.0

   magrittr      1.5

    memoise    1.0.0

       mime      0.5

    openssl    0.9.4

     pbdZMQ    0.2-4

         R6    2.2.0

       Rcpp   0.12.7

       repr      0.9

    RJSONIO    1.3-0

 rstudioapi      0.6

    stringi    1.1.2

    stringr    1.1.0

     tibble      1.2

       uuid    0.1-2

    whisker    0.3-2

      withr    1.0.2

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Hi ryanfitz

could it be an older version of DSS? There was indeed a packaging change in the upstream version of IRKernel, which changed the underlying ZeroMQ library from rzmq to pbdzmq.

We have integrated this change in DSS 3.1.2. Installing R integration on this version or a later one should work seamlessly - do not hesitate to report back in case of further problem.

Patrice Bertin


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