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Job failed : environment variable DKURBIN not defined

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Job failed : environment variable DKURBIN not defined

I am trying to learn Dataiku, and I can't get the simplest task of loading data to work. I wrote a sample code where I would take the initial data and replicate it 5000.

the code I am trying to make work is the following


# Recipe inputs
achat_chauss21_prepared <- dkuReadDataset("achat_chauss21_prepared")
achat_chauss21 <- dkuReadDataset("achat_chauss21")

er = rep(0,5000)
c = sort(sample(nrow(achat_chauss21),5000, replace = TRUE))
er = achat_chauss21[c]

# Recipe outputs

Thank you in advance
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It looks like you do not have R on your machine. You need to install R and follow a few steps to install the DSS / R integration.

You'll find details here:

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Indeed, R was not installed on the server, I forgot it ran on the server, and not on my local computer. Thank you for your quick help.
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