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Impact of changing Hadoop Distribution (MapR to CLOUDERA)

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Impact of changing Hadoop Distribution (MapR to CLOUDERA)

What is the impact of changing my Hadoop distribution (MapR to CLOUDERA).
I'm using MapR,is it easy to deploy all developpements in a new Hadoop cluster CLOUDERA ?

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DSS supports Cloudera as well as MapR (it also supports Hortonworks, EMR, and BigInsights).

To deploy your existing developments to the new cluster, you have two solutions:

* Either you stay on the same machine. You must remove the MapR software, install the machine as a Cloudera cluster edge node, and re-run the "./bin/dssadmin install-hadoop-integration" script

* Or install on a new machine. You could then either export/import all your projects, or migrate your data directory as explained in

You will then needed to rebuild your flow. (assuming that you migrated your HDFS content as well as your hive Metastore)

If you have any specific issue, please contact the support.


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