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Installing jupyter_contrib_nbextensions in dataiku for all users

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Installing jupyter_contrib_nbextensions in dataiku for all users

Hi Team,
One of the features that I miss while using Jupyter notebooks in dataiku is that the cells are not collapsible.
It just helps in better readability to collapse some cells when the notebook grows too big.

The same can be enabled using python's jupyter_contrib_nbextensions package.

My question is 
1. Will installing this break any core jupyter dependencies of DSS?
2. If No, Please provide clear instructions on how an admin can enable the same for all DSS Users as a global setting.

Let me know if you require any more details

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Hi mohitmunjal19,

Unfortunately, installing nbextensions is currently not supported in DSS. With that being said, we appreciate the feedback and I'd be happy to forward this feedback/use case to our product team on your behalf for further review and consideration. 



Community Manager
Community Manager

To update this thread, with the release of Dataiku DSS version 9.0.2, we now support installing nbextensions in the form of Jupyter Widgets. More info can be found here: Using Jupyter Widgets

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I've been working on this today.  I got "widgets" installed.  I can get widgets up and running.

import ipywidgets


The above produces a nice slider.

However, I'm looking to get jupyter_contrib_nbextensions package installed.  This still seems to be defeating me.  Now that we can get widgets installed are there any more detailed instructions on Note Book Extentsions?



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