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How to set up debug logs for LDAP

How to set up debug logs for LDAP


 I would like to see more details in the backend log about ldap binding and debug why the group resolution does not work - it returns an empty list. Is it possible to get more details by changing the configuration of DSS (dku.ldap)?


[2019/11/13-15:58:31.463] [qtp1415289182-22] [INFO] [dku.ldap] - [ct: 2] Testing LDAP user: <redacted>
[2019/11/13-15:58:31.465] [qtp1415289182-22] [INFO] [dku.ldap] - [ct: 4] Connecting to server
[2019/11/13-15:58:31.887] [qtp1415289182-22] [INFO] [dku.ldap] - [ct: 426] Searching user <redacted>
[2019/11/13-15:58:31.960] [qtp1415289182-22] [INFO] [dku.ldap] - [ct: 499] Querying groups for cn=F<redacted>
[2019/11/13-15:58:32.030] [qtp1415289182-22] [INFO] [dku.ldap] - [ct: 569] Fetched groups []
[2019/11/13-15:58:32.073] [qtp1415289182-22] [INFO] [dku.ldap] - [ct: 612] Found user <redacted>: {"connectionOK":true...


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dku.ldap will not give your more details about that. I don't know if you will find the appropriate logs but you can customize log levels as specified in the documentation: (but again specifically dku.ldap will not log more).

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