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How to change to different Java version?

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How to change to different Java version?

Hi, all.

I'm trying to change Java version for using H2O package via R recipe but it doesn't works fine.  I faced below message when I use H2O package via R recipe.

Job failed: Error in R process: simpleError : Your java is not supported: java version "1.7.0_231" Please download the latest Java SE JDK 8 from the following URL:

So, I have already update latest Java version on my EC2 machine and changed in below link accordingly.

$ java -version

openjdk version "1.8.0_222"

OpenJDK Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_222-b10)

OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 25.222-b10, mixed mode)

I edited DATA_DIR/bin/ file.

But this change not correct working and show below messages when I enter "DATA_DIR/bin/dss start" command.

/home/******/DATA_DIR/bin/ line 3: export: `dataiku-dss-VERSION/': not a valid identifier

/home/******/DATA_DIR/bin/ line 3: export: `-d': not a valid identifier

/home/******/DATA_DIR/bin/ line 3: export: `-u': not a valid identifier

Could you tell me how to fix this issue?

Best regards.

Thank you.


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what is the exact procedure you followed ? 

If you run the installer in the upgrade mode as per the guide you linked, you don't need to edit the file.

Can you please remove the edit you made to the file and make sure that this command:


Is pointing to the java folder and not to the java executable? 

For example, if your java executable is in /usr/java/java-1.8.0_222/bin/java, then the path you need will be /usr/java/java-1.8.0_222




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Thank you for your answer and I'm sorry too late to reply it.

I misunderstood how to use DKUJAVABIN command. I remove it from and ran it on bash directly .
Also I set properly Java PATH and command options like below. It was works fine and DSS wake up successfully.
DKUJAVABIN=/home/ec2-user/jdk1.8.0_231/bin/java dataiku-dss-5.0.3/ -u -d DATA_DIR -y

But after above modification, R recipe which using H2O package showed different warnings again.
Error in R process: simpleError : You have a 32-bit version of Java. H2O works best with 64-bit Java. Please download the latest Java SE JDK 8 from the following URL:
It seems that Java version issue so I tried to changed Java from openjdk (default installed EC2) to Oracle JDK which downloaded from above URL. But error message was same.
These Java was 64bit. (jdk-8u231-linux-x64.rpm or jdk-8u231-linux-x64.tar.gz)

could you please let me know If you have any idea for solve this issue ?
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