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How to control behavior of User Warning message

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How to control behavior of User Warning message
When multiple users edit the same item in DSS, a popup appears that shows all users on an item, and also shows a list of all users on DSS. I have a few questions:

First, is there a way to stop this popup or timeout the popup? It can occur that a user has a notebook open for a long period of time (e.g. the user is in another timezone and left their computer for a meeting, or they went home for the day), and the popup keeps re-appearing, which blocks workflow while you hunt for the small icon to close it. Sometime the popup is so large it covers the X, so it cannot even be closed (see next point).

Second, why is the entire DSS user list shown in this popup? It is irrelevant (we only care about others editing the item, not every person who is logged in to DSS), and in large enough instances blocks the entire screen.

Third, and this is a bit more of an ask, would it be possible for there to be a "View" option, that does not allow editing? Frequently users have an item open to view the code or settings of an item, and have no need to edit it. But since Edit is the only mechanism t access the item, the popup gets applied as above.
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Thanks for your feedback. These requests are in our backlog and are being considered by our Product team.
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Awesome! I know it is a minor thing, but reducing popups and stopping things from covering the screen would be a very welcome QoL improvement.
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It is really difficult when multiple user running job and doing any activities it constantly send pops to everyone logged-in users and create inconvenience to their development work. Is this solved ? How we can disable all those pop-ups?

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