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Forcing a connection(s) on project

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Forcing a connection(s) on project

Is it possible to force (limit) only a set of connections to be used in the project? 

I tried to change the option "Preferred connection (forced)" to in Project's settings, but it looks to me that DSS still allows me to create datasets on other connections as well.


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Hi @tomas. I think the "Preferred connection (forced)" fulfills a different purpose and is not related to limiting the available connections.

If I had the need to limit the connections in a particular project, I would create a special group for the people that is going to work on the project, and then limit the Connections available to the project through the group permissions.

For example, one can create a group called "working_group" and then go to the Connections settings and add that group to the list of "usable by groups":



 However, for this to work, none of your DSS connections should be set to be freely usable by "every analyst".

This would be my approach, but it would be nice if someone else has a more direct solution by means of the Project settings!

I hope this helps

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I see, thanks for the answer. But this is not the solution I am looking for. Because I would like to create (clone) some projects (set of subject area) for developers but allow them to use a special connection only in those projects. For the other common connections I cannot revoke grant from these developers as they need to use and work with that in other projects. 


Yes, I see your problem and why this solution wouldn't work, I didn't think about the users that belong to more than one group.

I don't know of any method that allows you to restrict the connections accessible by a project, maybe this could become a suggestion for Dataiku development.

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