Git Configurations

Git Configurations


Does anyone know what it means by "No key" and "No value" on the dss settings page for git? I am trying to restrict which ssh key will be used for a group, would this be the way to do that? 



Are there any examples that you can provide for this? 

Thank you for your help! 



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Hi Adam,

you've guessed it right.

You can use that field to provide a different ssh key that will be used for that specific config.

You can put a dss group in the Group field, so DSS will use this GIT config every time a member of that group is trying to perform a GIT action.

In the Configuration options you can provide this key-value to point DSS to the suitable key to use. DSS will indeed need to be able to reach and read the key

core.sshCommand -> /path/to/the/key


Hope that helps. Take care,


Architect @ Dataiku