Derby Database

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Derby Database
Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe there is a Derby database installed as part of the Dataiku install. Can you shed some light on what the purpose of this database is?


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This is for the Hive metastore that uses a derby database in certain circumstances. (for example, read more here)

This is not really related to DSS.


Jeremy, Product Manager at Dataiku
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Indeed, as implicitely said by Jeremy, DSS does not use any Derby DB. If you see Derby-related files and log lines, they are probably due to Hive using Derby as its metastore.

Note that Hive falls back to Derby when it finds no proper metastore configuration, and this can cause slowdowns. I would check Hive installation, and especially the metastore configuration in this case.

Hope this helps,

Jean-Baptiste Rouquier
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