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Dataiku on WSL2 -- Notebooks

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Dataiku on WSL2 -- Notebooks


I have installed V11.0.1 on WSL2 Ubuntu 20.04. I am able to start and using both my localhost:3000 and I can access the URL. Everything seems to work "fine" until I try opening a Jupyter notebook. The notebook never seems to load in any sense back to the GUI, but I can see it loaded on the server side


/home/dataiku/dss_data/pyenv/bin/python /home/dataiku/dataiku-dss-11.0.0/dku-jupyter/ --config=/home/dataiku/dataiku-dss-11.0.0/dku-jupyter/ --notebook-dir=/home/dataiku/dss_data/config/ipython_notebooks --ip= --port=3002 --no-browser --port-retries=0



Any advice? I am hoping to get this to work and not have to go through VB/OVA or grabbing an old Linux node system and doing a rebuild. I am just wanting to test some features of V11, as well as a small project. This will not be a long term item and I don't mind this being "hacky".



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Hi @StephenMazzei 

DSS installations on WSL Ubuntu20.04 are known to be full of unpredicted issues so it might be another case as well. Please use regular VMs like VMWare or VirtualBox. 

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