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Dataiku applications in Automation node

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Dataiku applications in Automation node

Hi dataiku wizards,

 is it possible to deploy a new Dataiku Application feature (i.e. Application project) into Automation node? If yes, where can I find more about it and how to bundle, deploy and activate?

If not, what would be the recommended way of working to make sure that Applications are deployed and stable in a non-development environment? 



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Hey @tomas thanks for the question. Here are some resources that may help:

Dataiku Knowledge Base: Dataiku Applications

These include two I like in particular: Difference Between Webapps and Dataiku Applications and Dataiku Applications: Use Cases

Also the first Dataiku Chicago User Group event hosted by @rmoore Converting your Dataiku DSS Project into a Reusable Application.

Doesn't quite answer your question but hopefully these resources help.

Looking for more resources to help you use Dataiku effectively and upskill your knowledge? Check out these great resources: Dataiku Academy | Documentation | Knowledge Base

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Hi @tomas ,

Yes, you can deploy applications and the functionality is the same in the automation node as the design node. You can create instances in the automation node from the global actions menu (waffle icon) in the top right, see image below.


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You cannot create a new application for a project deployed on the Automation node in version 11. If you go to Project settings, you will see that the Application designer is unavailable on the automation node compared to the Design node. 
However, the application created for a particular project on the Design node appears automatically for the deployed project on the automation node.It is included in the bundle. You can also see it in HOME (waffle) -> Applications.

You can then create an app instance on the automation node. 

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