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DSS linux installation on a windows subsystem for linux

DSS linux installation on a windows subsystem for linux
Hello ! I'm trying to use DSS on Windows 10. Instead of using a virtual machine, I want to directly install it on the new Windows’s Bash Shell.

After entering bash in the windows command prompt, I followed those steps :

After ' sudo -i "/mnt/c/Users/Stephane/dataiku-dss-3.1.5/scripts/install/" ' the installation ' ./ -d /mnt/s/PROGRAMMATION/DSS -p 11111 ' is said to be successful.

But '/mnt/s/PROGRAMMATION/DSS/bin/dss start' leads to ' Error: Cannot open an HTTP server: socket.error reported errno.EPERM (1) ' and ' /mnt/c/Users/Stephane/dataiku-dss-3.1.5/python.packages/supervisor/ -h ' leads to :

' Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/mnt/c/Users/Stephane/dataiku-dss-3.1.5/python.packages/supervisor/", line 39, in
from supervisor.medusa import asyncore_25 as asyncore
ImportError: No module named supervisor.medusa'

Is there an easy solution or should I just use ?
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Community Manager
Community Manager
Installing Dataiku DSS on Windows 10's Linux subsystem is officially unsupported. And we have no plan to support it.

You might be able to make it work, but I haven't tried and I cannot hep you. Maybe someone else will share more info...
Jeremy, Product Manager at Dataiku
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I had the same errors.

Installing to my C drive as you are doing here didn't work for me.

If you follow the same process but replace /mnt/c/ with ~/ it might fix this issue. I have no idea as this whole Windows Linux subsystem thing is new to me (and everyone).
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Dataiker Alumni

These are the steps I've used to install Dataiku DSS 4.1 on a Windows 10 machine with Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)

  1. Install WSL using Microsoft's official instructions.  NOTES:

    1. I installed Ubuntu using lxrun, rather than installing from the Windows Store.  

    2. Be sure to run sudo apt-get update after creating your linux user account.

  2. Install Dataiku DSS 4.1 using our instructions for installing on Linux.  NOTES:

    1. I unpacked the archive in the ~/apps directory

    2. I chose ~/apps/design as my data directory (DATA_DIR in step 3 of the instructions)

    3. Step 3 of the installation instructions fails the dependency check, and it instructed me to run

      sudo -i "~/apps/dataiku-dss-4.1.0/scripts/install/"

      I do this and the installer succeeds

  3. I go to http://localhost:11000 and log in to Dataiku DSS

I wouldn't use this setup for real work, but it should be fine for becoming familiar with Dataiku's interface.