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tags category for everyone

With DSS V8.0.2, we have access to tag categories, that can be very useful to classify tags. Unfortunately, we have noticed this functionality is available for admin profiles only (it means 1 or 2 persons for my company...).

Is it possible to open this functionality for data scientist profiles (that means at project level, like tags) ? It will permit us to create tags hierarchy easily 🙂

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Hello, thanks for your feedback!

The intent of the tag categories is to provide a way to standardize instance-wide metadata. For example, some customers need to report their projects based on geographical region. This was challenging as users would apply regional names inconsistently (e.g. EMEA, Europe, country name, etc), and were subject to typos.  This is addressed by the admin pre-determining the appropriate labels.  The admin can also classify what type of objects the tag category is most applicable for (e.g. projects, recipes, etc).

All users can create project-level tags. What type of categories are you looking to create? Are they applicable to many projects? If so, it might be worth reaching out to your admins to create the tag categories so that the tags can be re-used.

Hello, thank you for your answer,

We are studying the possibilities with tag categories like classify by business use cases or departments (technical direction, financial, marketing, IA....)

For now, we avoid to ask admin to create categories for reuse in projects because as we have a lot of projects and different teams, the process could become complex and hard to manage for the admin.

I was thinking about add the possibility to group some tags (for exemple master/global tags ?) for only one project, in this menu :


It's more a visual comfort than a requirement (it should be useful when we have a lot of objects and tags in one project, to decompose global step and sub-step) but, the actual feature is fine 🙂

I have observed it should be useful to have hierarchy for scenarios too (or folders to organize scenarios in scenario tabs)


A couple of suggestions at the project level: 

  • color coordinate tags (e.g. departments are all blue, use cases are in red)
  • simulate a category in regular tags (e.g. dept - finance, dept - marketing) - but this will be a plain text tag, and you won't have access to the additional functionality of assigning tag categories to object types or reuse across projects
  • further organize the flow with flow zones 

Can you share a screenshot of the scenarios you have within one project that would require a hierarchy?


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Community Manager
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