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To Dos on Projects and Data objects (Contribution Team Member)

User Story

As a contributor in a Dataiku DSS project environment.  I would like to know which items I should be doing and have the ability to check off items on a consolidated checklist, and maybe add comments.


  • This should not potentially rely on me going to hundreds of to-do lists spread out around the system.
  • As a project leader I would like to see all of the tasks on projects that I'm monitoring.


This would not have to be implemented by Dataiku.  It could be a connection to much more mature team task management systems.  If this approach is chosen, It would be great if there were more than one option Yes the expensive Corporate solutions like Jira would be great for closing deals for Dataiku.  However, please provide other no cost and low cost options,  Like Trello, Todist, Wunderlist...


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Hi @tgb417 ,

Thanks for these ideas about collaboration in DSS! We're always exploring options to re-think how that works and have logged this idea with similar existing requests that are related to project management and integrations we might explore.


Community Manager
Community Manager
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I just came online to post a very similar, if not the same, suggestion.  Was glad to find this one!

I was going to say:

Love the to-do lists within each project.  I would find it very useful if each to-do could be assigned to a named user, with each named user then able to see all of their assigned to-do's from all projects centrally/globally.


I'd +1 your comments.