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Summary Screen information available in a Wiki Article

User Story:

As a lazy analyst trying to document my data pipelines.  I'd like to write a project wiki that can reference Text that I've already entered on my data object Summary Screens (e.g. Short and Long Descriptions, To Do Items).  So that I don't have to re-write the data object summary text in two places (on the Summary Screen and then again on the wiki describing the project).  This would save time, increase accuracy, and may lead to more detailed documentation.


  • At this time when you insert a data object into a wiki using the data object helper dialog box, the link takes you to the explore screen.  This is only somewhat helpful.  It would be great if I can point to the Summary screen as well.
  • This issue was observed in Datiku DSS V9.0.1


  • For backward compatibility, the current notation would be the default behavior.  A new notation would be provided for these new behaviors. The old notation like this would take one to the explore screen.
  • To increase discoverability the Dataiku wiki markdown editor dialog boxes build for inserting these codes are extended to find these additional referencable objects.
  • It would be nice for the markdown to look something like this:
    [sales_contact Summary](dataset:sales_contact.summary)

Nice to Have:

  • This works any place that DSS Markdown can be used.
  • New notation for default behavior would also be available:
    [sales_contact: Explore Data](dataset:sales_contact.explore)
  • It would also be nice if one could reference sub-segments of one of these pages with a reference like:
    #To get to just the do do list
    [sales_contact: To Do](dataset:sales_contact.summary.todo)
    #To get to just the long summary description (Acting sort of like an inline include)
    [sales_contact: Description](dataset:sales_contact.summary.description)
  • It would be nice if others of the DSS objects have similar features.  Sort of anything that has a summary screen
    • Recipies
      • Visual
      • Code
    • Projects
    • Deployed Models
1 Comment

As a short term workaround I can use the URL for the Summary Screen:

However, I do not currently know a way to include just the Long Description or To-Do List.

Love to hear some work around if folks have them.