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Option to display short descriptions on flow

Hi All,

Forgive me if this has been discussed before, or if it is a polarizing topic as far as visual design goals.

In evaluating Dataiku against other products, and ultimately deciding on Dataiku due to its many strengths, one thing my team lamented was that it was not possible to display descriptions of flow elements on the flow itself.

I'm aware that I can add both long and short descriptions to the properties of each flow element, and that the short descriptions will show in a 'tooltip' if i hover over an element in the flow.  What would be really valuable from a visual documentation standpoint would be the ability to to enable a toggle to display all short descriptions on-screen at once so that the purpose of each recipe, as far as how it contributes to the whole flow, could be more evident.  Is this something that has ever been considered?  If this is a hard no, how about the ability to add some sort of on-screen annotation within flow zone containers?

Would love to hear your thoughts!

Best regards,

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Thanks for submitting your idea and welcome to the Community @Neil_B. We all start somewhere so no worries!

Status changed to: In Backlog

Thanks for your idea, @Neil_B ! 

Your idea meets the criteria for submission, we'll reach out should we require more information.

If you’re reading this and would love to see this improvement in the flow views, be sure to kudos the original post or leave a comment!

Take care,


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Community Manager
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How does on create short and long descriptions on visual and custom recipes? That would be a great help for documentation. Thanks.