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Multi-line commenting in code recipes


Nearly all code IDEs support multi-line commenting/un-commenting via toggling CTRL-/.  This would really help efficiency.  Currently, if I need to do a lot of commenting and uncommenting I copy and paste into my editor of choice.  Not a big deal but annoying.



Hi @info-rchitect,

This behaviour can be mimicked using the multiline edition. In mac for instance you can use cmd+alt to have the multi line cursor. Then write a #.


Hope this helps.


Linking this to Replace the code editor 

Status changed to: Delivered

You asked for it... we did it!

Thanks to the newly introduced Code Studios feature in Dataiku 11, you can now use Visual Studio Code to edit code in DSS and... comment/uncomment multiple lines at once.

Checkout this video that shows how it looks like:

Code Studios is documented here:

And if you want to try it, just follow this tutorial: