In dataset remember Selected Columns when switching All Columns and Back to Selected Columns

User Story:

As an analyst who would like to reduce the number of columns when looking wide datasets.  I would be great to have the column selection dialogbox remember any prior selection of specific columns like currently happens in the sample selection filter area of the application.  One can select the filter.  Unselect the filter, and reselect the filter and the system remembers what filters you were using previously.


  • The Selected columns should be remembered through System Re-Boots.
  • The Column Selection should be remembered on a user specific basis. 

Sequence of Actions:

  • Open a Dataset either in a visual recipe or by it's self.
  • Choose the dropdown next to columns
  • The dialog box that shows up allows
    • Select All
    • Selected Columns
  • choose Selected Columns
  • chose a set of useful columns
  • choose OK
  • This shows just the selected columns.
  • You can go back to the list of Selected columns and add columns or remove columns.
  • choose OK
  • And you see a new set of columns

If you choose "All Columns" you will see all of the columns

This is all great.

The change is that if you go back to "Selected Columns" the system remembers that you had all columns selected, and if you want to go back to 20-30 columns out of 50-100 columns you have to manually select all the columns again.  The requested feature change is that if you go back to Selected Columns, if remembers just the columns you had previously selected.

This would save hours when going from a limited set of columns, back to all columns, back to a limited set of columns.  I don't know about other.  But when I go back to a limited selection of columns, I often find myself selecting many of the same columns again.  It would be great if I could just switch form selected columns and back to all columns without having to reselect the selected columns.