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Improve ML Experiment Tracking by allowing updating of Session descriptions

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It's great to be able track one's experiments when developing ML models. However, the key description for each experiment is not editable. It'd be really helpful if one could edit this so each experiment can be accurately described.

More specifically, the request is to allow editing of the description assigned to Sessions on the Model Results page (i.e., the model results that is at Models within a visual analysis).

Currently sessions may be named in one of two ways. If a name is specified at the Training Models popup that appears after clicking the TRAIN button, that name is used as the description for the resulting session. Otherwise the session is named numerically. 

In either case, once the name/description is assigned to the session it can't be changed.

However, it would be really helpful to be able to update the description of each session. Being able to accurately describe sessions (experiment) is important because most of the time the session represents a test of something that will apply to all models within the experiment. Examples: a new feature, more data, a different split, different feature handling, weighting by class or not, and so forth. The only change that won't be session level are model parameters.

Ideally one would be describe the experiment (session) accurately at the Training Models popup. However, in my experience this is difficult to do consistently. And even then sometimes it would be helpful to update the description after the fact as one realizes the importance of the experiment and would want to make sure it is clearly described.