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Embed charts or dashboards into webpages


  many times we need to share objetcs generated withn Dataiku (charts, dashboards, graphics, etc...) with people who don't have (or simply don't want) to access to the DSS. To share such objects three common ways are: 
a) export the charts to PDF and send the originated document;
b) give a dashboard view only access to users (but in this case they need to login into DSS);
c) develop a Webapp.
The first option requires some manual intervention, while the second one requires some maintenance tasks; the third option can be the best option, but requires to develop a webapp, which takes some time and skills (and in addition to this the application makes use of the computer resources).
Some other applications make available their charts as portlet or as objects which are sort of chart or dashboard paragraph available to be embedded into an <iframe> tag from another (web) page. In this way graphical (and not only) objects could be made available to people without access to DSS and without the need to develop a web application.

To make a use case, consider a daily updated forecast which needs to be consulted by marketing or sales personnel. 

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