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Easier recipe replacement

Sometimes, I need to change out the recipe I've used in a flow. For example, I may have used a sync before, but now I need a filter or a sort recipe instead. Or I may have used groups, but now need a pivot, etc. Many of the parameters of the recipes will be preserved. For example, computed columns, input and output datasets, aggregations, and filters are all common to multiple types of recipes. When a recipe is deleted and re-added, it totally breaks the flow, sending the right side of the broken link all the way to the left of the flow. That makes it pretty difficult to find the target dataset again. But if the link isn't broken first, and instead a new recipe is added, the output dataset cannot be reused. The solution I tend to use is opening a second browser tab while I'm on the settings screen of my new recipe, then delete the old recipe after I've typed the output dataset's name into the first recipe, the copy it, refresh, and paste it to connect the new recipe to the old output.

But this process is pretty cumbersome, and on big, complex projects, if the flow is broken, basically the only consistent way to find out how things were meant to connect is to go back into the git logs and see what dataset was disconnected.

It would be a huge timesaver for this workflow if when selecting a recipe in the flow, I could simply click a button to replace the recipe with a different type of recipe. Which parameters are preserved for the new recipe would depend on the type of recipe being selected, but even if the implementation only preserved input and output datasets, that would be a huge time saver.