Document the JSON behind each visual step type in a visual recipie

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As an analysis that regularly uses visual recipes I will find from time to time that the User Interface will not allow me to maintain the recipe as I would like.  This usually happens with replace recipes that do not allow for reordering steps.  In order to get around this problem I will copy the recipe step to my computers clipboard.  Then I will paste the JSON for the step into an IDE that formats JSON nicely.  Edit the step there in the IDE.  Then copy and paste the edited version of the step from the IDE back into Dataiku DSS.  The request is to document the JSON of visual steps and support this type of advanced editing of visual recipient steps.


  • This is has come up most often with visual replace steps where order of the steps may matter, and one cannot reorder the replacements.
  • when doing this the JSON Parser in DSS visual recipes already seems to be fairly robust when it comes to throwing errors if one attempts to paste inaccurate JSON back into a visual recipient step.
  •  My guess is that there is some documentation already available internally to Dataiku.  The request is to make the documentation more generally available.
  • it would be ok if this does not get tier one level of support.