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Difference between managed folder & file upload with regards to the save button

Hello all, 

I was wondering what the difference is between a managed folder and a file update. Currently I have a project which used both, and I did notice a behavior difference between them.

Because of the data policy, no 'permanent' files are allowed on the disc, resulting that every day my input files are removed automatically. This means that every day I need to upload my files again. This is no problem, because the source files are updated every day.

I did notice a difference in behaviour. In case of the managed folder, I can just drag and drop the file to the folder, while with the file after the drag/drop, I need to press the save button as additional step.


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@MRvLuijpen ,

I agree, I also have some lack of clarity around the difference and importance of managed folder and uploaded datasets.  

Recently, I’ve learned that I can create my own managed folders through connections.  I discovered that for example I can go to connections and create a managed folder that points to audit files created by another process.