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Dark Mode

Every developer needs a dark mode 🙂

A dark theme for the flow, datasets, and recipe configs would go a long way toward making Dataiku fit into workflows that involve many other dark mode tools. Dataiku is definitely very bright when swapping from other tools which operate in dark mode. Extensions like Dark Reader do a pretty good job of generating dark mode for Dataiku, but native support would make it much prettier.

Here are some examples of how close to beautiful Dataiku already looks via Dark Reader. Just a little refinement beyond this could make it perfect.

Come to the dark side, Dataiku!

Status changed to: In Backlog


This is definitely in our backlog.

To be honest, we haven't seen traction on it outside developer profiles :).


Level 2

That would be lovely.

Level 3

I would also love this.

Level 6

It's currently possible to change the Jupyter Notebooks theme but that's system wide. It's also possible to change the code recipes via the user's profile themes. But yes a more system wide theme will be good, as long as users can customise it to their liking.

Level 1

Adding in my vote for dark mode!

Community Manager
Community Manager
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I love this idea! 😎