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Clarify Wiki API Documentation Example

The example shown in the Wikis API documentation Retrieving and modifying the content of an article is misleading.

The example shows the following:

article = wiki.get_article("article_name")

Instead it should show:

article = wiki.get_article("1") 

This is because the argument for get_article() is the article's ID (which appear to be only numbers), not its name.

Also would be good to note how to find the ID (e.g., hover over name on Timeline).


Status changed to: Not Planned

Hi @Marlan ,

Thanks for the suggestion.

We released a bug fix with 8.0.4 in Dec 2020 that fixed the wiki.get_article() issue you described in the wiki API. On an up-to-date version of DSS you will be able to get a wiki article by using either its ID or name. 

We recommend upgrading to a newer version of DSS.

Take care,



Good to hear - thanks for closing the loop on this @AshleyW.