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Better visibility into sampling and filtering settings

DSS rightly utilizes sampling and filtering for efficiency in multiple places. Sampling and Filtering can be used in multiple places including Charts, Statistics, Column Analysis and more. However, it is not immediately clear what the sampling settings are when looking at a chart or a statistical card without explicitly clicking on the sampling and filtering section, which can lead to erroneous conclusions when looking at a dashboard.  Here is my suggestion:

1. Allow setting Sampling and Filtering options for dashboards, charts, statistical analysis in one place for a project

2. Provide a visual cue on what the Sampling and Filtering  options are for these without having to click Sampling and Filtering on every single chart.


Looks like the just released version 10.0.6 includes a "Sampled" badge to address this idea 🙂Screenshot 2022-06-03 135112.png 

Status changed to: Delivered

Hi @yashpuranik ,

Congrats - #2 for charts and dashboards has been delivered! Sampling badges for statistics cards is in our backlog as they are for Analyse on a column. I'll provide updates on the expected timing of those improvements as they become available.

As you noted, we released some improvements to sampling in a few minors of Version 10: a sample badge on a chart, a sample badge for a chart displayed on a dashboard, and a sampling notification for dashboard filters. All so that you're aware at first glance if these objects are sampled without needing to open the Sample pane.

We have more improvements to the UX of sampling planned for upcoming releases. If you'd like to take a sneak peek at those and give us some feedback, have a look at this prototype and let us know what you think in the accompanying survey. If you know anyone else in your company who's thinking about how to better work with sampled data in Dataiku, I'd appreciate you forwarding the link to them as well! It will be open for a few weeks.

Can you submit a separate Idea for #1 (change sample settings from one location in a project) since it's distinct from #2 (see if chart/card is sampled)?


Sounds good. Thanks @AshleyW !