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Being able to refresh dataset insight on scenario reload automatically

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I am not sure why this feature is missing from the product as it seems like a must have for a dashboard. In a dshboard you can add a tile/insight to run a scenario with a button and also add a tile/insight with a dataset. You can then click in the Run button to refresh the scenario but even if the scenario rebuilds the dataset in the dashboard, the dashboard never reloads it automatically. Furthermore if you don't uncheck the "Load insight when dashboard opens" option of the dataset insight the dataset will display the "old" data and there won't be any way to see the new data unless you refresh the whole web page which is highly ineficient and not good user experience. There is a "Refresh statistics & chart cache" scenario step but that seems to be focused on charts only?

So I would like to be able to:

  1. Refresh a dataset insight when a scenario reloads automatically. That means I have the dashboard open, I either click on a button to run a scenario or the scenario runs behind the scenes rebuilding the dataset in the dashboard. Once the rebuild is completed the dashboard refreshes the dataset and shows the new data
  2. Specify that certain dashboards should trigger a scenario run "on load", in other words they will refresh automatically every time you look at this page