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Apply a dynamic date filter on a chart

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We’ve heard feedback that many would like to have additional capabilities to filter data in a chart or on a dashboard. Tell us what you think of this idea: filter data that's in a chart or on a dashboard using a dynamic date range like 'last 6 months' or 'year to date'.

For example, let’s assume that you have a dashboard showing data that gets updated every day with new data. As a user, you want to look back at this data over various time intervals: show me the last 7 days, show me the last 30 days, show me the last 2 years… Doing this in the Flow is easy enough— maybe you add a time-based filter to a Prepare, update it depending on the date range you want, and then rebuild the Flow. However, your stakeholders who use this dashboard can’t do that and so you’ve built multiple copies of your dashboard, one for each lookback period they want to see.

With the ability to apply relative date range filters to a chart or dashboard, you’d add your date field to the filter pane and define your lookback/lookforward range that will be applied as a filter, let's say 'last 30 days'. The range updates itself automatically over time so that you’re always seeing the last 30 days of data in your charts, no additional rework needed. If your stakeholders want to change the settings and see the last 60 days they can do that without asking you to make a manual change in the Flow.

If you’re reading this post and think this would be a great capability to add to DSS charts, be sure to upvote it! ( ⬆️ = “yes, please!” ). Feel free to leave a comment in the discussion about how this capability would help you or your team.


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