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Allow users to create Teradata connections

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Currently, only Dataiku admins can create new Teradata connections. Users may create any other kind of connection if granted permissions, but Teradata has a hard-coded error message when non-admins try to create connections. Ideally, Teradata connections will behave the same way as any other type of connection. Dataiku errors out with "you should not call this" upon trying to create a Teradata connection as an ordinary user.

Status changed to: In Backlog

This is entered in our backlog. As of today, I have not estimation on when we will make this feature available.

Thanks! This will speed things up for teams at my company, since we create a new Teradata connection for every data lab environment. In some data science groups, they create a new Teradata connection per project.

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Acknowledged