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Add "work rate" line to ML Decision Chart

The Decision Chart in the Performance section of the screen you see after training a model in Visual ML is a really nice tool. (As are all of the visuals in the Performance section.)

However, it'd be even more useful if it included a "work rate" line. This would show what percent of the cases would be considered a "positive" at each Cut-off value. Thus one could say "if we set the cut-off to X, we'd select 5% of the cases and get precision of 50% and recall of 10%".  Currently the 5% is missing from the picture.

This would support a very common use case (at least in our organization) of setting a threshold to select cases for human intervention based not just on performance (such as precision and recall) but also on resources needed / available (a function of "work rate").   

Status changed to: In Backlog

Thanks @Marlan , this is in our backlog.

Good to hear! Thanks @Krishna.


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Community Manager
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