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referrencing a library inside a plugin

referrencing a library inside a plugin

Hello community.

I have strange puzzle which I not jet have been able to solve, regarding a library inside a plugin.

The plugin consists of several functions that reference an (user-defined) library, which is also included in the plugin. This plugin works perfectly on one of our instances of DSS.

However, when we try to use the plugin (using the same small test-project ) on a different instance, we get an error message indicating that our library can not be found.

Hope someone can help me solving this problem.

Thanks in advance.

Marc Robert

Operating system used: RedHat

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Hi @MRvLuijpen ,

This behavior can be caused by insufficient permissions set on the filesystem. The UNIX user that executes the plugin must be able to browse through the plugin directory containing the lib files.

Can you verify that this repository (located in DATA_DIR/plugins/installed/plugin-id or DATA_DIR/plugins/dev/plugin-id) and all the parent folders are set with at least the x chmod permission for the impersonated UNIX user running the plugin code?

Hope it helps!

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