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Salesforce connector: "Callback URL: Cannot be an HTTP"

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Salesforce connector: "Callback URL: Cannot be an HTTP"

I'm following the directions for setting up the Salesforce plugin here, but the process of creating a Salesforce Connected App is continually throwing the same error. According to the directions:

"Add http://<<your dss instance>>/dip/api/oauth2-callback in the “Callback URL” box."

I did this, replacing "your dss instance" with the url of our Dataiku instance. This gives me the error "Callback URL: Cannot be an HTTP."

Our Dataiku instance is housed on Google Cloud, if that makes a difference?

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Hi !

Indeed it is good practice to require the callback URL to be HTTPS only (though exceptions are sometimes made for localhost addresses or in sandbox / preprod contexts).

It is likely that Salesforce now enforces this rule, and we will update the documentation in that sense.




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