Plugin - Bundle Project and Push to Automation Node

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Plugin - Bundle Project and Push to Automation Node

Hi, I have a question regarding the API key: With the macro I succeeded only, if I used it as DSS administrator on the source side and with a global API key with global admin permissions on the target DSS instance.

Question: Is this the minimal privileges for the user to have? Does the macro only work with admin privileges on both sides, on source and on the target?

If not, which minimum user privileges are needed and how a private key instead of a global admin key could be used on the target side?

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At the moment, the macro indeed requires admin rights on both instances.

We are currently working on a much better replacement for the macro that should be available by the end of this year and that will give much more flexibility in terms of permissions.

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Hi Clément,

Is there an update on this improved macro?

We would like non-admin to be able to push bundles to our sandbox environment using the macro.

All the best,


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Hi @HansHarhoff updates to this can be found in our most recent update to our documentation on Production deployments and bundles

I hope this helps!

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