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Macro Runnable not reading my Input Dataset Parameter

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Macro Runnable not reading my Input Dataset Parameter

I followed the example here but the input_dataset parameter isn't showing up in my runnable config. 

"macroRoles": [{
           "type": "DATASET",
           "targetParamKey": "Input_Dataset",
           "applicableToForeign": true}],
    "params": [{
            "name": "Input_Dataset",
            "type": "DATASET",
            "label": "Input dataset"

 First off, when I select the macro from the dataset in the flow, it doesn't preset my Input_Dataset parameter in the UI. Then when I manually select the dataset and run it.. the Input_Dataset doesn't exist in the config.  (See screenshot) Am I missing something? 


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Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce this issue.

After editing the code, have you reloaded the plugin (Top right Actions > Reload this plugin) and refreshed your browser?

If you have already tried that and still didn't achieve the correct behavior, could you please share your current plugin or a sample which would allow us to reproduce?



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