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Integration of power Bi Dashboard into Dataiku

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Integration of power Bi Dashboard into Dataiku

Hello Dataiku community,

Actually, I was working on one of the projects where I thought is there any way to integrate or visualize the dashboards made in Power BI.
I know there is an integration available in the Dataiku plugins store which is made for sending the data into Power BI but right now what I'm trying to achieve here is the reverse. I need to simply view the dashboard made in power Bi into Dataiku.
So the first question would be is it possible? if yes, then how can I achieve that?

Thank you in advance 

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Hi @Aakashyadav_ ,

You should be able to use PowerBI embedding feature:

Once you have the URL from PowerBI you can embed it in a Dashboard or Webapp.  Screenshot 2022-03-04 at 16.11.48.png