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Image or a document as an input to DSS to pass on to API

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Image or a document as an input to DSS to pass on to API


In a scenario where an image/document needs to be passed onto an API as a whole via a plugin, how do I proceed to do that? This is keeping in mind that the image is not preprocessed in any way.

The flow looks something like this

image from local machine uploaded into the plugin->plugin sends the image as is to the api-> api responds with a json object after processing the image

Additionally, are there any potential limitations to the plugin in terms of data it can store and batch processing?

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Hi @vinshet 

Plugins are different, and therefore whether they can handle single or multiple inputs really depend upon its configuration and design. The same goes for API endpoints. If you design an endpoint that can accept multiple inputs, then you should be able to send those inputs to the endpoint.

Re access to the actual files, that also depends on how you design your flow. But very likely the design will involve a managed folder pointing to your local FS where images are kept. Then DSS would read data from this folder and process according to your flow.

I hope this helps!

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