Google Analytics Plugin Set Up Question

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Google Analytics Plugin Set Up Question


I'm new to using the Google Analytics Plugin for Dataiku and was hoping to get help from anyone who has experience setting up this plugin.

I'm having difficulty setting up my Client ID/Client Secret/Refresh Token which is required for use of the plugin. I've created my Client ID/Client Secret through the Google Developers Console but I'm a little confused on how to set up the refresh token. I've tried to look through the discussions/online and haven't found any resources that can help walk me through this process, so any help would be appreciated!

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We don't have an official Google Analytics plugin for Dataiku. If someone created / gave you such a plugin, I'd suggest you contact him/her directly.


If you create yourself such a plugin, I'd recommend you to use a Service Account instead: And it may be helpful to have a look at the code of the Google Sheets plugin:




Jeremy, Product Manager at Dataiku
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@ja10 If you don't mind, can you share more details on the Google Analytics - Dataiku plugin?

I would also like to pull GA data via Dataiku, but I do not know where to start.



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