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Excel sheet importer plugin


I have an excel file with multiple sheets that have the same schema. When I create a folder to upload the file and ultimately use the excel sheet importer, it is shifting the columns over one spot on the output. For instance, Jan-22 is no longer showing as a column header, but Feb-22 is now in it's place. The data underneath Feb-22 is actually the Jan-22 data. Not sure what the issue is here.


Thanks for the help!

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Hi @connoryork,

Thanks for writing in! I tested the importer on my instance using the headers you mentioned and was not able to reproduce this issue on my instance (see attached gif). I’ve also attached an excel file with test data, if you would like to test it on your end, that might rule out issues with the plugin itself. 

If you can send a screenshot of your header data, that would be helpful as there may be a mismatch somewhere in the data.  Alternatively, if you feel comfortable sharing the dataset in question, you can do so privately by live- chatting us on the Dataiku website.



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