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Creating a project with python in project folder

Creating a project with python in project folder

Hi community, 

just a small question.

If I would like to create a new project from python, I can use the create_project() function from the The definition is 

def create_project(self, project_key, name, owner, description=None, settings=None, project_folder_id=None)

However, I am not sure how I can set the project_folder_id. 

I am able to create a new project inside the root folder (on my test machine), but of course in my situation the users are not allowed to create projects inside the root folder (only inside their own project folders.

Thanks in advance for your response, 

Marc Robert

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The project folder id that needs to be used in create_project function could be taken from the URL of the project folder page like 


 otherwise, you can find it using API:

root = c.get_project_folder("")

[ for i in root.list_child_folders()]


So in that case the call to create_project would be like:

c.create_project("test","test", "user1", project_folder_id="i5mqS6T")


Also, I don't know if you've seen the Project Creation Macro feature:

It seems like it could be helpful in your case. If you have exactly 1 folder per user you could select it filtering the list of all folders using:



Also from DSS 8.0.3 it'll be possible to add dynamic dropdowns to the project creation UI, so you could offer a user to select from a list of available project folders.

Andrey Avtomonov
R&D Engineer @ Dataiku

Thank you Andrey, 

I will look into this.

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