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Access Scenario Variables via another Scenario

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Access Scenario Variables via another Scenario


We have multiple scenarios for different pipelines and it has Variable defined for that particular Scenario. I have another Scenario that needs to access the variables for a particular scenario and then process the further steps.

Is there any way to do it?


Scenario 1 : pipeline1

Variables : table_name="abc"

Scenario 2:pipeline2

Variables : table_name="xyz"


Now, Scenario 3 should be updating the variable "table_name" based on for which pipeline it needs to process automatically.

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Hi @sagar_dubey,

Scenario variables are only available within the same scenario.

For your case, you would want to use project variables instead like scenario1_table_name, and then read this from another scenario.

You can use it with a "Define project variables" step in the scenario or use the python step in your scenario.



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