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Driving ROI Through AI - New Ebook

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Community Manager
Driving ROI Through AI - New Ebook

How do you best advocate for AI? 

ESI ThoughtLab conducted a comprehensive AI benchmarking survey of executives at 1,200 companies across 12 industries and 15 countries. Get the ebook that breaks down all the insights, including:

  • Why at present companies are only seeing an average return on investment of 1.4%, and 13% of AI projects are failing to even hit breakeven.
  • How investments in AI are changing, notably with a boost in spending by an average of 4.6% over the last year, to $38 million or 0.75% of revenue for each firm.
  • Which industries lead the pack when it comes to maturity (only 15% of firms today qualify as leaders in AI, but progress varies by industry).
  • ...and much more!

Get a Copy of the Ebook

And comment below how you best drive ROI in your current role.

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