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Deleting File from Amazon S3 bucket in R and Python

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Deleting File from Amazon S3 bucket in R and Python


In my current project i am trying to delete files that are located in Amazon S3 bucket from a dataiku recipe in a flow. This S3 files have taken to managed folders that pointing Amazon S3 folders in order to be accessed in the flow.
I have gone through the documentation but i wasn't able to find something similar.
I am using R and Python in that project and i will need to do that through both languages.

Let me know how I can delete Amazon S3(inside managed folders in flow) files with R and Python from a recipe.



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You can just use method on Folder.


Screenshot 2022-03-15 111503.jpg




import dataiku
fold = dataiku.Folder('test')
fold.delete_path ('/dumm4.csv')
# Returns ['/dummy.txt', '/dummy2.txt', '/dummy3.txt']



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