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Hi there,

I'm new to the community! I was looking for the price of the introductory courses at DATAIKU but did not find it. Can someone tell me where I find this? Furthermore, are all courses online?

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Welcome to the Community.

At this time there is no cost for the course in the academy.  Most of the cources / learning paths you can complete with the Free version of Dataiku DSS.

All the courses that I'm aware of are online at

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Thank you very much. So I just can download the trial software and give it a try at Data IKU?

Thank you 




@HMori67 ,

Last I checked all of the basic lessons are covered with the free version of the software.  There are definitely a few things that you can not do with the free version.  Some of these include:

  • working with partitioned dataset
  • running scenarios (automated running of data flows)
  • creating api keys.  (This is needed to do things like the visual studio integration)
  • Multi user security

But as a learning platform you can do quite a lot:

  • data importing
  • working with a postgresql database (which I would recommend) there are tutorials as part of the learning paths that will help with this.
  • data cleaning
  • scripting in R, Python, SQL
  • if you have the hardware working with GPUs
  • building ML Models
  • evaluating ML Models
  • Graphing data
  • Point and click statistical analysis 
  • Outputing results.

All are super helpful as part of your learning.

Thanks Dataiku… 

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