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following the course Integration With SQL Databases: error password authentication

following the course Integration With SQL Databases: error password authentication


I am following the steps in order to create a PostgreSQL database connection according to these steps:

However, I get a password authentication, while I am sure the password is exactly the same as the example in the previous step:

What am I doing wrongly here?

I have included the backlog

Thanks in advance

Marc Robert

DSS 7.0.3


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Dataiker Alumni

Hi Marc,

There are several pieces of information that define the connection.  From the log, it's not possible to tell exactly which one is incorrect:

  • Host.  Is the PostgreSQL database on the same machine as DSS?  If not, this setting should point at the host for PostgreSQL, and not localhost
  • Database.  Be certain it exists in the db; you can check from within the db
  • Port. 5432 is the default port for PostgreSQL, but you'll want to be certain that's what it's running on 
  • User.  Be certain that you can log in as this user, with the following password, in the db 
  • Password.  
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Hi @Alex_Reutter 

New to the platform 
I'm trying to connect my psql windows on my machine to the dataiku instance but some how i'm getting this message

authentification par mot de passe échouée pour l'utilisateur « dataiku »

can you please guide me how to establish a connection with my windows psql and also change the error log from French to English?

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Dataiker Alumni

Hi @Namit , what step are you at when getting this message?  If you can include a screenshot, that might help.

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