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ODBC connection creation

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ODBC connection creation



We want to create connection using ODBC, Could you please let me know the process for ODBC connections.



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DSS currently does not support connecting via ODBC right now, only JDBC. Notably, it's important to note that ODBC is primarily used as a connector in a Windows environment, while DSS is Linux-only so it doesn't make much sense to use ODBC through DSS. With that being said, if ODBC is a requirement, there are 3rd party packages and modules out there, such as pyodbc, which would allow you to create your own ODBC connection through Python directly. 

Could you clarify if there's a certain type of database that you're trying to connect to using ODBC where JDBC is not an option (or a JDBC driver isn't available)? 



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In my case, I would like to connect to a database called Progress. Client told me that they use ODBC driver.

I tried to connect to Progess database as mentioned on this blog using a JDBC driver, but an error appears: connect time out.

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You do not say what database you actually need to connect with.  ODBC is a MS Windows way to connect to a variety of databases.  Dataiku running on Linux and Macintosh OS X is using JDBC drivers to connect to databases.

You may find this documentation about connecting to databases to be helpful.


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