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ML Practionner Certificate

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ML Practionner Certificate



I try to do the certification ML Practionner but I have a problem with the data from the first question. 

It is asked to exam the column "grade". After changing the type to "integer" instead of string, I begin a univariate analysis by split by school but I have no data in "grade". 

I have a warning and the column grade is empty as you can see in the file attached. 


I delete the project many times and download again but it's Always the same problem. After changing grade, the column is empty? 

Can you help me ? 


Tanks a lot.


Operating system used: DSS

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I think the problem is resolved. the storage for "grade" was integer with decimal !!! I take double and it's okay. 

sorry for the question but I'm new with dataiku. 


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Thank you for sharing your solution @ccomes3007 and no worries you are in the right place to ask questions!

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