Checkpoint Scoring Basics

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Checkpoint Scoring Basics

Hi! I'm finding it challenging to finish the Scoring Basics course. Throughout the training, I got the quiz right, but the overall quiz(checkpoint) I've retaken more than 20 times and I can't get more than 6 questions right.

Since I have no way of knowing which questions my mistakes are and since I cannot ask any instructor, I can't advance.

Maybe the questions are poorly formulated making it difficult to understand because I'm pretty sure of the answers, from what I have been taught in the course.

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Hi, @Stephaniav. Thanks for posting this feedback! We don't provide the correct answers before passing for a variety of reasons. One is that it becomes very easy to circulate answer sheets (we've even seen answers being sold), which limits our ability to provide these kinds of self-assessments. Based on previous user feedback, we did make an effort to indicate the correct number of responses on questions with multiple correct responses (ie, "select two" instead of "select all that apply"). This checkpoint quiz has now been updated with the correct number of responses. Additionally, if you are working through the standard Academy Learning Paths, and not a customized path, the courses and checkpoints are no longer required to move on to the certification. I hope this helps on your learning journey!

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