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I am trying to utilize the teams reporter in the dataiku scenarios. When using the template found here it works fine. However, "MessageCards" are now legacy code for Microsoft and they recommend using Adaptive Cards. I also need to use Adaptive Cards because they support user tagging.

The problem arises when using a simple Adaptive Card JSON payload

{"$schema": "","type": "AdaptiveCard","version": "1.2","body": [{"type": "TextBlock","text": "${if(outcome == 'SUCCESS', '&#x2705; ', '')}${if(outcome == 'FAILED', '&#x274C;', '')}${if(warningStepsCount > 0, '&#x026A0;', '')} [${scenarioName}](${scenarioRunURL}): **${outcome}** - <at>Marinos Rrapaj</at>"},{"type": "FactSet","facts": [{"title": "Project","value": "${scenarioProjectKey}"},{"title": "Triggered by","value": "${triggerName}"}]}]}

When the scenario processes this I get


Can someone share some insight on how to use Adaptive Cards through this process? Thank you!

More information about Adaptive Cards can be found here.

Operating system used: Windows 10 64-bit


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    Sometimes it take another community to support this community! Thank you for sharing your solution @marinos_r

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    Hi Marinos,

    DO you know if i can add a dataset in this format and how can i go about it ?

  • marinos_r
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    By adding a dataset do you mean adding a link to a dataset? I'm not aware of adding the actual dataset to it.

    We add something like this **[${scenarioName}](${scenarioRunURL})** - **${outcome}**" to link to the scenario if there something wrong.

    Hope this helps.

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